Specifications and technical parameters                                                       

●power:    AC 220V±10%                                      50/60 Hz                   

●Total Power:   Max 5300W  

●Heater power: Top heater 1200 W    Bottom heater 1200 W    IR heater 2700 W

●Electrical materials:Intelligence Programmable controller, support connect computer

●Temperature control: K-type thermocouple (Closed Loop), independence temperature control, accuracy within±3℃

●Positioning: V-groove, PCB support

●PCB size: Max 415×370 mm  Min 65×65 mm

●BGA chip: Max 80×80mm   Min 2×2 mm   

●Dimensions:L680×W630×H900 mm

●Sensors:1 pc


ZM-R7220A BGA rework station with optical alignment