Main function

1. Cover and terminal access of WIFI network
2. Cover and terminal access of ZigBee network
3. Internet remote control and access
4. Management of terminal equipment
5.Common communication protocol conversion capability
6, Linux open source system, support multiple application development


Application field

1.Smart home system
2. Telemedicine monitoring
3.Smart farm monitoring
4. Coal mine safety monitoring
5.Intelligent street light control
6.Intelligent transportation system
7. Intelligent building system
8.Industrial automation
9.Wireless meter reading system
10. Remote data acquisition


Product hardware structure

1. Built-in RT5350 wireless communication module, which can realize AP / Clinet / Gateway and other functions
2.Built-in CC2530PA wireless ZIGBEE communication module
3.Built-in USB to serial communication function
4.RJ45 Ethernet interface
5.RT5350 module USBHOST function interface
6. WIFI module test button
7. ZIGBEE module test button
8.WIFI module working status indicator
9, ZIGBEE module working status indicator
10. Communicate with CC2530PA serial port through RT5350 serial port, connect zigbee network to public network


Smart Home Gateway RT5350 + CC2530