• Users can adjust the wind direction setting in this mode. Press[SET/HISTORY] to allow or forbid wind direction alarm. Press [+] or [-] to adjust the wind direction of the alarm.

  • Wind chill and Dew point temperature display   in degrees Fahrenheit or celsius (user selectable)
  • Weather alarm modes for temperature. 
  • Daylight saving time is adjusted automatically (The daylight saving time is adjusted on the basis of different time zone).

  • 12 or 24 hour time display.
  • Wireless 433 MHZ receiving. Available distance: 328 ft in open field.While receiving RF, press any key to quit.
  • Perpetual calendar.
  • Time zone and Time alarm setting .The time zone can be set from-12 to +12(user setting).
  • Wall hanging or free standing.
  • Synchronized instant reception for outdoor weather data.
  • Low battery indicator on the receiver. 

RF 433mhz wireless weather station