MH-742B is a universal sensor smart sensors, using non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle of the air present in the hydrocarbon gas detection, has good selectivity, without oxygen dependence, stable performance, long life; Built-in temperature sensor, temperature compensation. MH-742B is a mature technology and infrared absorption gas detection micro-machining, sophisticated circuit design closely integrated to produce a compact, high performance infrared gas sensor. It can be widely applied in fire detection, explosive gas detection.


Main functions and features:
High sensitivity, high resolution;
5V power supply, low power consumption;
Provide UART and 0.4V ~ 2V analog voltage signal a variety of output;
Quick response and resume;
Temperature compensation, excellent linear output;
Excellent stability;
Long life;
Not poisoned;
Resistance to water vapor interference;

NDIR CH4 gas detection Intelligent infrared methane gas sensor