Open Source OpenWrt system
Low power consumption
Firmware upgrade via Web
Software upgradable via network
Built-in web server
Managed by Web GUI, SSH via LAN or WiFi
Support WiFi AP, Client or Ad-Hoc(Mesh) mode
Internet connection via LAN, WiFi, 3G or 4G
Failsafe design provides robustly system
IDE compatible. Easy to program. 
LoRa band available at 433/868/915/920 Mhz
Max range in LoRa : 5 ~ 10km


Wireless Alarm and Security Systems
Home and Building Automation
Automated Meter Reading
Industrial Monitoring and Control
Long range Irrigation Systems
GPS tracker,etc

Linux Side:
Processor: 400MHz, 24K MIPS
Flash: 16MB ; RAM: 64MB
MCU/LoRa Side:
MCU: ATMega328P
Flash:32KB, RAM:2KB
LoRa Chip: SX2176/78

10M/100M RJ45 Ports x 2
WiFi : 802.11 b/g/n
LoRa Wireless
Power Input: 12V DC
USB 2.0 host connector x 1
USB 2.0 host internal interface x 1

LoRa Internet of things Gateway 868-915-433MHZ