Application range
1. people to turn on the lights, turn off the lights automatically after leaving,
2. For corridors, corridors, toilets, basements, warehouses, garages and other places of automatic lighting, exhaust fan automatic exhaust and other electrical control functions.
Brightness Metering: With light-sensitive controls, it does not turn on the lights during daytime or in a bright light, or they can be freely adjusted to turn on the lights in any light conditions.
4 random delay: it is open within the delay period, if no one's activities exist, with a delay of a certain period of time, within the appropriate range of time to adjust the delay.
5. Status Indication: Induction effective LED indication, easy installation and fault analysis.
6. Temperature compensation: Rio Tinto temperature compensation chip, reducing the sensing distance by the temperature


The scope of products:

Wardrobe, cabinets, corridors, corridors, toilets, warehouses, basements, garages and other places of automatic lighting. At the same time can be used for anti-theft effect.

Sensing amplitude action:

Small movements: such as hand movements, detection distance of about 2.5 meters,

Big action: walking and jumping as walking, detection distance of about 5-8 meters.


Instructions for use:

The first time the power is turned on, the sensor output is unstable state will be self-test. After leaving for one minute, the initialization ends and enters the normal working state.

1. Infrared sensor switch vulnerable to strong light interference, the installation does not have direct sunlight.

(2) It is easy to be disturbed by extremely heat source of strong convective air flow and should be avoided installed in strong convection air (such as heating, stove, air conditioner, outdoor temperature sensitive place)

3. Sensing probe installed toward the activities of the human body where the distance from the lamp is best maintained at 1.5 meters or more, energy-saving LED lights can be shortened appropriately.

4. Installation height of 1.5-2.5 meters for the appropriate height, so that it can detect the human body without being disturbed by small animals.

5. Sensing switch can not have any obstructions in front of the lens, otherwise the detector can not detect the infrared emitted by human body.

6. When the ambient temperature and body temperature close to the switch sensitivity will decline.

7. Once the switch is triggered to work, as long as the delay within the sensing range of human movement sensor switch will work continuously to leave or stationary

Do not move the moment began to delay time off.

8. There is photosensitive function to work at night, without light 24 hours a day work.


Functional Description: Relay switch, then any lamp
Working voltage: 180V ~ 250VAC (50 ~ 60Hz)
Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ +50 ° C
Static power consumption: <0.016W
Load power: 5W ~ 200W
Load capacity: incandescent, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps ring, exhaust fan
Wiring: bipolar. Output mode
Human body sensor, sensor output
Light control range: 5 Lux ~ 500Lux ± 20% (Sensitivity adjustable)
Delay range: 30 ~ 350 Secs ± 30% (adjustable delay)
Sensing method: passive
Induction angle: 140 degree cone angle, all-round induction
Sensing distance: 8 ~ 10 M
Installation: Standard 86, wall installation, suction installation. Ceiling installation
Size / color: 86 * 86 mm / porcelain white

Human Body PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Switch