HT-G730 BGA Rework station technical parameters:

1 Total power 4700W

2 Upper heating power 1000W (first temperature zone)

3 lower heating power of 1000W (second temperature zone)

4 third temperature zone 2700W (about infrared heating panels can be independently controlled)

5 Power AC 220V ± 10 50 / 60Hz

6 electrical material selected temperature control system Dalian

7 outer shape dimensions 600 × 640 × 850mm

8 Temperature control K-type thermocouple closed loop control

9 Positioning mode V-slot, with universal clamp

9 P C B Size Max 430 × 400mm; Min50 × 50mm

10 Applicable chip 1 × 1 ~ 80 × 80mm

11 outside the mouth a set temperature

12 machine net weight 65kg

 separate three-zone temperature control system

HT-G730 can be from the top and bottom of the PCB components locally heated hot air circulation at the same time, supplemented by a large area of infrared heating, can be completely avoided in the process of PCB rework upturned sink through software alone freedom of choice or the upper or lower the heating element, and a combination of upper and lower heat generator free energy, making the double BGA, CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, SMD rework and other devices easier. At the same time the external temperature measurement interface to achieve precise detection of temperature at any time of actual collection BGA temperature curve analysis and proofreading.

 precise optical alignment system

HT-G730 automatic optical alignment BGA rework station touch screen