Dusk to Dawn Light Bulbs, Light up Your World!
1. DUSK TO DAWN FEATURE: Built-in sensors that turn on the dusk to dawn light bulb automatically at dusk and turn it off when it's dawn. This eliminates the need to physically turn the bulb off and on.
2. ENERGY SAVING: The dusk to dawn Light bulb uses less power compared to traditional bulbs and, therefore, cuts your electricity costs.
3. LONG LIFE: The outdoor smart light bulb is made of plastic mask according to the LED chip unique cooling requirements thus ensuring long life.
4. IMPROVED SECURITY: The outdoor sensing light bulb will light up your home even when you are not around as long as it is dark.
These are some of the features of the Dusk to Dawn LED Sensor Bulb:
-It has a built-in light sensor
-This dusk to dawn led outdoor lighting turns on automatically if it continues to be dark
-It automatically turns on at dusk when the illuminance is less than 15 LUX and turns off automatically at dawn when the illuminance is greater than 40 LUX.
-Lighting cycles automatically only if dark conditions exist.
-Automatically turn on at dusk(<15LUX)
-Automatically turn off at dawn(>40LUX)
-Energy saving
-Increase in security
-High Bright
-Long life Span
Product Specification:
Power: 10 W/15W
Material: Aluminum + PC
Luminous Flux: 1020 lm / 1520lm
Input Voltage: AC 85V-265V
Base: E27/B22
Beam Angle: 270 degrees
Color: Warm White 2700K / Orange Yellow 2000K / White 5700K
This dusk to dawn led outdoor lighting is suitable for use in the hallway, garage, washrooms, basement, garden, pavement, workroom, laundry room, patio, closet, porch, stairways, and storeroom.

E 27 Dusk to Dawn Smart Lamp Bulb

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