Wind speed measuring range:   0~60m/s

Wind direction measuring range:    0~360°

Wind Speed Accuracy:  When speed ≤10m/s , ±0.2m/s  When speed﹥10m/s ,﹤±2% of the measured value

Wind direction Accuracy: ±3°

Wind speed Resolution: 0.01m/s

Wind direction Resolution: 

Power supply: □ DC 12V   □ DC 24V

Output form: □ RS232 (Modbus)  □ RS485 (Modbus)

Instrument wire length: □ Standard: 2.5 m

Working environment: temperature -50℃~80℃;  humidity ≤100%RH No condensation

Protection class: IP66

CSYT2 high-precision Ultrasonic wind speed