Who We Are

Agro Glean System is an India based company, headquartered at Gwalior with two operational offices at Bangalore and Gwalior, committed to creating public good through the innovative use of technology.

Our Mission

Using the latest technology, we strive to provide Growers with new tools they need to streamline farm operations, avoid waste, and ensure their harvests are always bountiful, predictable and assured

Services We Provide

Focusing primarily in the Agtech , our company also provides IOT solutions in the field of traffic monitoring, smart home and industry. The sensor nodes developed at our company provide flexibility to users with diverse application areas.

What we do

Using proprietary sensors and mobile-friendly software, Agro Glean System seamlessly connects weather stations and in-field sensors to provide managers with actionable data that improves production, transparency and efficiency in the field.


AGS has a highly-focused team combining experienced entrepreneur and executive in the field of technology, leading engineers, data scientists, agriculturists and technologists from top IITs and NITs of India. We have a deep commitment to open innovation, collaboration and diversity.

Why Work with Us

At AGS we have a strong focus on helping you, whatever your requirements may be. We’d love to design items for you that look great and help you to achieve your goals.